All conference sessions were audio recorded and can be heard on this page.

8:30 Registration + coffee
9:00 Welcome, Andrea Ades Vasquez, American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning (Graduate Center); Executive Council PSC/CUNY
9:05 Introduction, Michelle Fine, Distinguished Professor of Social Personality Psychology and Urban Education (Graduate Center)

9:10-10:30 Gary Rhoades (University of Arizona); former General Secretary, AAUP
Beyond Flagships, Assembly Lines, & “Compacts” for Privatized Decline
* What incentives (intended and unintended) for universities/colleges, presidents, professors, and professionals are built into state policy/funding models, and to what extent does federal policy/funding reinforce or counter those incentives?
* What is the effect of state policy/funding models in terms of problematic past patterns that have compromised affordability, accessibility, and quality?
* What are the effects on and challenges to organized labor of the state policy/funding models?
* What can be done to change the current direction of American higher education?

—> Comments / Audience discussion facilitator: Clarence Taylor, Professor of History and Black and Hispanic Studies (Baruch College) and Professor of History (Graduate Center)

10:45- 12:15– Barbara Bowen, President PSC/CUNY; Professor (Queens College and Graduate Center) and Frank Mauro, Executive Director, Fiscal Policy Institute
Austerity and Its Consequence: Public Higher Education in New York City and New York State
* How are the politics of austerity transforming public education in New York City and State?
* In whose interest is it to underfund CUNY?
* How does this affect working and learning conditions at the City University of New York?
* What can be done to turn around the policies of austerity and disinvestment?

—> Comments / Audience discussion facilitator: Joe Wilson (Brooklyn College)

12:15-1 LUNCH

1-3:00 Frances Fox Piven, Distinguished Professor (Graduate Center) and Antonia Levy, doctoral student and part-time liaison to Professional Staff Congress (Graduate Center)
What is to be Done? Responding to Attacks on Public Higher Education
* What are the lessons from Wisconsin (and other fightback locations) for workers and students at CUNY?
* In the past, large-scale upheavals have sometimes changed the course of American development. Is that still possible in the current moment?
* How should faculty, staff and students at institutions like CUNY and elsewhere respond to cutbacks in state and city funding for public institutions of higher education?

—> Comments / Audience discussion facilitator: Stephen Brier (Graduate Center)

Closing Comments: Michael Fabricant (Hunter College and Graduate Center); Treasurer PSC/CUNY

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